We take care of the paperwork so you don't have to!
Velocity services are covered by most health care plans. Typically, these plans pay 80-100% fee for service. If you have a dental plan, chances are you also have coverage for many of the services and products we offer at Velocity. Velocity also accepts auto insurance and Work Safety Insurance Board (WSIB).
Coverage Details:
Employer Extended Health Plans / Benefits
Velocity services are covered by most health care insurance plans. If your insurance company allows direct billing and payment we will look after the billing for you.  If your insurance company will not allow direct billing and payment you will pay the clinic and submit to your insurance company, however we will assist with your paperwork to make it easier for you.
Motor Vehicle Accident Coverage - billed directly for your convenience
If you have extended health care benefits that cover therapy, most auto insurance companies require that your claim be placed through your extended health plan first. Any remaining balances for services are then covered by your auto insurance plan. On your first visit, you may be asked to provide information about your extended health plan. If you do not have extended health care benefits which covers therapy, your treatments may be billed directly through your auto insurance company.​

Workplace Safety Insurance Board (WSIB/WCB) - billed directly for your convenience
WSIB/WCB provides physiotherapy coverage for workers injured on the job. We bill WSIB/WCB directly for treatments provided, complete necessary forms, progress reports and treatment extensions. We communicate with adjudicators, your workplace and other healthcare professionals involved in your treatment. Our team can help you navigate through any WSIB/WCB paperwork that you may be unsure about.
For any treatments partially covered, you may be asked to co-pay the difference at each visit.  
For more questions about treatment fees and/or payment options, please contact our helpful administrative team! We are always happy to speak to you.