Free Injury Assessment

​​​​​​​Velocity Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation exists to help people enhance their health, quality of life or sports performance.  One of the ways we accomplish this is by offering the communities we serve a direct and free way to access our expertise.
A Velocity Complimentary Movement & Injury Screen is a 30-60 minute assessment performed by a University of Toronto Masters of Professional Kinesiology student  supervised by Dr. Alex Lee and/or Jeff Ransome

What to expect during a Complimentary Injury Screen:

During the assessment, our Kinesiologist will take a detailed evaluation of your movement patterns, any musculoskeletal complaints or impairments, and discuss how this is affecting your activities of daily living or sports performance.  In addition, an assessment on joint integrity, range of motion, strength and flexibility could be performed based on your specific activity or sport. This will allow us to help guide your medical, rehabilitation or exercise options.

Facilitating the Healthcare Process:
Upon completion of your assessment, our Kinesiologist will be able to recommend various options for your specific injury and/or movement deficiencies and streamline the process for you in order to see the specialist that is right for your current state and/or care needed for your condition.
Velocity's Complimentary Injury Screen offers:
  • Free assessment supervised by a licensed health care professional
  • Convenient and easy scheduling
  • Personal attention to your health
  • Education regarding potential injury
  • Injury care plan
  • Peace of mind​