Golf Assessment & Perormance

Golf has developed into a sport where physical preparation is an integral component of any player's training and practice regimen and greatly contributes to the ability to play at a high level consistently and injury-free.
The dynamics of the golf swing are dictated by the player's physical characteristics. These characteristics can be developed and strengthened in order to create a more powerful, efficient, consistent swing. Physical training can improve all aspects of a golfer's game by enhancing flexibility, increasing club head speed, shot distance and accuracy.
The reason for most golf swing flaws is simpler than you think. 64% of amateur golfers have a faulty swing due to general dysfunction and stiffness in the musculature and joints of the body. This can include; reduced spinal mobility, shortened lateral flexibility, and poor flexibility in the hips and shoulders.
Conventional golf lessons will never fix these physical deficiencies.
We have a 4-step golf assessment process for all golf levels which consists of:
1. State of the art Musculoskeletal Assessment (MSK)
Previously only available in advanced research labs for use on elite athletes, the healthcare practitioners at Velocity now have the ability to use the latest in motion capture technology to evaluate the functional health of your neck and spine.   Different from an x-ray image, our MSK Profile will provide you and your practitioner with objective data on how well you move compared to others your own age.

2. Biomechanical Golf Swing Assessment
Your golf swing will be analyzed from different angles to determine how any physical limitations in your anatomy may be affecting your swing.

3. Golf Specific Movement Screen
Your practitioner will measure factors that influence your body mechanics and ability to generate and transfer speed during the golf swing. Assessment areas include strength and power, flexibility and range of motion, balance, endurance, stability and control, and posture.

4. Liaising with your golf professional
To help you achieve the recommended swing pattern set out for you by your golf professional, our practitioners and sports conditioning specialist will discuss their findings with your golf professional.
Once your Biomechanical Golf Assessment is complete, your practitioner can refer you to one of our sports conditioning specialists who can design a specific program for you based on your assessment results. You will have the option to work closely with a sports practitioner and movement specialist to develop and refine the movement patterns you need to greatly improve your swing in a very short period of time.
This may include a combination of:
Golf Injury Management
Whether you are injured or looking to increase your performance on the course, utilizing a combination of hands on therapies including: ART®, Chiropractic, Kinesiotaping, Medical Acupuncture, movement re-patterning and rehabilitation exercise, we will get you playing better, faster and back on the course injury-free.
Golf Performance Training
Our Golf Performance Training programs focus on correcting faulty movement patterns,overall athletic development and golf specific development utilizing the latest in sports science.
Golf Foundation
The Golf Foundations programs work with golfers of all ages to develop the key athletic qualities every golfer needs to possess to play great golf and remain injury free.
Golf Performance
The Golf Performance programs are for golfers who want to elevate their game and have gone through the Foundation program. Foundation work continues with the addition of advanced strength and power exercise.
Elite Golf Performance
For competitive golfers who require complex, golf-specific programming in order to compete at a provincial, national and international level.
Velocity therapy services are covered by most extended health insurance companies.
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See how our Golf Biomechanical Assessment can show you what's really going wrong with your swing, and how we can fix your physical deficiencies, so you can get more length off the tee, swing with less fatigue, be more accurate and play with less chance of injury.
Velocity has various practitioners that are experts in golf mechanics and golf fitness. We provide therapy and training to golfers of all levels and have experience working with recreational golfers to elite amateurs to players on the CPGA, LPGA, European and Nationwide Tours.