Back Pain? Get Treated in Mississauga today!
Introducing the MSK Wellness Profile. 
Your work may be putting you at risk of a low back or neck injury.  The only way to know is to come in and have your spine checked out and your risk assessed.   
Have you experienced back pain in the past? Are you at risk of a neck or low back injury?  Neck and back injuries are not limited to those of us with a physical job.  Even high performance athletes, such as Steve Nash or Tiger Woods, struggle with back pain.  If you typically spend five days a week sitting at a desk and only get out and enjoy life on the weekend, you could be one of over 85% of Canadians who will experience low back pain in their lifetime. 
Back pain can be profoundly disabling and can significantly impact your lifestyle.  Maintaining your mobility is as important an investment in your health and wellbeing as your eyesight, your hearing and good dental care.  Ask anyone who has lost it. 
Taking care of your back begins with knowing if you are at risk.
Previously only available in advanced research labs for use on elite athletes, the healthcare practitioners at Velocity now have the ability to use the latest in motion capture technology to evaluate the functional health of your neck and spine.   Different from an x-ray image, an MSK Wellness Profile will provide you and your practitioner with objective data on how well you move compared to others your own age.  Knowing your risk and what you can do about it starts with a baseline assessment.
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today and take charge of your neck and spine's long term well-being. 
A baseline MSK Profile can be done anytime.  For $100 you will be scheduled
for a 30 minute MSK Profile assessment by an expert kinesiologist and a
15 minute visit with a health care practitioner.  You'll leave with your test
results, strategies to reduce your risk and the knowledge that your MSK health
care practitioner has your latest information, should you ever need care.
This musculoskeletal assessment should be covered by most employee benefit plans.
*MSK is short for musculoskeletal
Velocity therapy services are covered by most extended health insurance companies.
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