Higher Quality of Training @ Velocity​​

Velocity is not just a sports medicine and rehabilitation facility. Our fitness staff has the experience and expertise to get anyone in the best shape of their life. No matter your goals, age or your history we can develop the program that fits you.
Our facility provides a unique environment because our trainers work along side the sports medicine practitioners at Velocity who have conducted studies on muscle training and have lectured on the topic internationally, so our training staff is always up-to-date on the latest research, and training techniques.
Our Personal Trainer's Are Not Just Trainers
The fitness experts at Velocity are Certified Personal Trainers, Sports Conditioning Specialists, Exercise Physiologists and Kinesiologists who use evidence-based medicine and techniques to develop custom fitness, sports conditioning, rehabilitation and prehabilitation programs to help you get fit, stay fit and perform at your maximum level.
Our Sports Conditioning Specialists Offer...
1 on 1 Private Session
  • Everyone has their own specific goals, needs and challenges and Velocity has the trainers to design unique fitness programs that are tailored to suit your goals and schedule. 
Semi- Private Sessions (Buddy System Training)
  • Training with a partner makes the experience more affordable, motivational and fun. The Buddy System is a great way to bring a friend, spouse, co-worker or family member to achieve the benefits of training at Velocity together. Split the cost of training and receive all the customized attention of a private session together. 

Group Training (4-15 per group) *as low as $12 per session*
  • Velocity has the training facility and several group-training classes for all fitness levels. Our various classes are designed and instructed by Velocity fitness specialists to develop your physical foundation, mobility, stability, strength, endurance and balance, all the necessary components to improve your sports performance or general fitness. Give it a try for free.
Our training techniques include:
Other Amenities Include:
  • Towel service
  • Showers
  • Lockers
  • Free Parking