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The Velocity Performance Division is a progression based system designed to give young athletes a solid foundation of athletic development at their most critical point of physical and mental growth; ages 13-22. Strength and Conditioning are a non-negotiable element in the schedule of a competitive athlete in any sport at this age. VPD will challenge and motivate athletes to develop their Pillar strength, speed, multi-directional agility, quickness, core rotary power, dynamic balance, acceleration/deceleration, anaerobic and aerobic energy systems, and recovery to maximize in-game performance and reduce the risk of injury. In-season and off-season, Velocity Performance Division will take Youth Athletes to their next level…COMPLETE THE ATHLETE
Our Performance System:
We begin with: a free, no obligation initial consultation with the facility and program director, Jeff Ransome
We will discuss: History, Needs, Assessment, Personal Goals and Expectations
Our Team Approach of SPECIALISTS will provide you and your young athletes the same training and treatment as the professionals.
Our program includes:
Orthopedic Assessments with a Sport Specialist Therapist
Fitness Assessment with an Exercise Physiologist/ Kinesiologist
Training with a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
Nutritional Analysis with a Nutritionist
Recovery (if needed) with a Registered Massage Therapist
Dual Assessment Process
Based on the Assessment, each individual is put in 1 of 2 streams
Foundation training - Beginner/ Novice Athletes
Sessions and Home programs
Developmental (Sport Specific)- Advanced Athletic Development
Additional Support if needed
Use of Nutritionist and Therapy for recovery and injury recovery
Orthopedic Assessment and Movement Screen (DOCTOR/AT)
30-min Assessment using current documentation
Fitness Assessment (EX. PHYS/KIN)
30-min Assessment using current documentation
Evaluation of results and program stream
Booking of First Training Session
Based on the results of the testing the athlete will be assigned to various groups/phases of training
Training Groups/ Phases of Training:
Objective: Program designed to improve deficiencies in movement patterns, muscular imbalances, or introduce athletes to stability exercises specifically for their movement pattern deficiency etc.
Objective: Program designed to begin athletes strength training phase and teach major lifting techniques used in later programs
Objective: Programs based on increasing intensity to develop power using major lifting techniques cleans, plyo, etc.
Objective: Programs designed to improve acceleration and transfer the power to sprint speed. Emphasis on resistance running, technique, overspeed running, etc
Core Stability
Objective: Designed to increase core stability, rotational power, abdominal strength and endurance
Energy System
Objective: Programs are based on high intensity energy system training to improve the anaerobic system, lactic acid tolerance training, and aerobic power
The testing protocols are used to monitor the athletes progression
We work with the medical professionals to evaluate and consult with regarding movement analysis and possible orthopaedic concerns
Progression is both movement based (subjective- movement mastery) and intensity/volume based (objective- intensity based)
Exercise selection is determined by sport specific protocols as well as general movement pattern protocols.
Training intensities are high with a strict emphasis on technique, effort and determination.
Weight Training of any kind is reserved for athletes 16 years and older
Our Facility:
Our facility is a functional sport performance atmosphere that helps young athlete’s motivation to improve.
Free weights
Fully Functional Lifting Rig
Bench presses
Bumper Plates
High/Low Pulley System
Spinning Bikes
Soft Goods:
Stability balls
Med Balls
Tubing/Bands and Chains
Balance Apparatus
1- Heavy Tires
Heavy Battle Ropes
Sport Performance Fee Options: (all sessions are based on group training sessions at specified times)
5 sessions                                    $450.00 (= $90 per session or $6-$7 per athlete)                                   
15 sessions                                    $1275.00 (= $85 per session or $5 - $6 per athlete)                 
25 sessions                                    $1875.00 (= $75 per session or $4 - $5 per athlete)
Includes Initial Assessments
Can be used any time (1yr Expiration)
Package must be paid in full before assessment
As experts in the field, we provide Progressive Cutting Edge Training. All the essential physiological components necessary to excel at your sport and give you the tactical advantage.