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Let's Start With a Plan...

Let's Start With a Plan...

Functional Assessments

Fix injuries before they happen.

Eliminate the guesswork from your training

Follow your custom plan to optimal results

Veloctiy Sports Medicine |Running Assessment

This is a systematic, clinical study of how a person moves through the swing and stance phases. We can assess conditions or dysfunctions that affect a person’s ability to run effeciently. 
After the assessment, we can provide specific exercises or treatment to improve performance and greatly reduce the risk of injury. 

Comprehensive Fitness Assessment

Why start a new athletic, lifestyle, or fitness training regime without a clear picture of where you are now and what you need to get you to the results you’re working towards ? Both our Oakville and Burlington Sports Medicine clinics offer cutting-edge comprehensive fitness assessments, providing detailed information on exactly what you need to reach your health and fitness goals, eliminating the guesswork from your training and making the very most of time and effort. Without an accurate fitness assessment, a training program or routine is far more likely to fail.

Digital Walking & Posture Assessment

Good posture can completely change how you look, move and feel..

Our cutting-edge Posture Assessment will blow you away with objective demonstrations of measurable improvements in your standing neutral posture and fluid movement during swing and stance phases. Say goodbye to pain and discomfort! No more dealing with nagging neck, back, knee, and hip pain that ruins your day. Our Digital Postural Scans tackle the root causes of these problems,  Making sure you find relief and enjoy optimal athletic performance. Our entirely digital approach ensures pinpoint accuracy and ultimate convenience. We’ve got your back (literally!) as our team of sport medicine experts review your results, leading you on a path to a pain-free and active lifestyle. Don’t miss this chance to experience the cutting-edge Posture Assessment!

Injury Screening

Discover your injury before it happens.
This is an evaluation of your movement patterns, any musculoskeletal complaints or impairments, and discuss how this is affecting your activities of daily living or sports performance.  In addition, we will assess joint integrity, range of motion, strength and flexibility and can be performed based on your specific activity or sport.

In Depth Golf Assessment


Attention, golf enthusiasts! Elevate your golf game with our cutting-edge Golf Biomechanical Assessment. We’ll break down the details behind your swing, address physical deficiencies, and give you the tools to enjoy longer drives, reduced fatigue, improved accuracy, and far lower injury risks. Optimize your golf performance and conquer the course like a pro!