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Let's Start With a Plan...

Let's Start With a Plan...

velocity sports medicine
velocity sports medicine
CrossFit is the sport of fitness which combines all aspects of physical conditioning. CrossFit trains the body to function optimally as a unit and efficiency is the key point. This means the nervous system must be performing flawlessly so the muscles respond properly. When one area of your body becomes injured or shuts down, everything in your body compensates for that injury. When your body is not balanced and/or muscles are not firing correctly, this predisposes you to not only a poor performance but injury as well.

CrossFit is an amazing sport and fitness program that promotes peak physical strength and conditioning. The culture and passion of Crossfitters are unrenowned and it will be difficult to experience such teamwork and support in any other environment. Our doctors at Velocity have dedicated their lives and career around athletic performance. They are actively involved in the Crossfit community and understand Crossfit’s exercise concept and its culture. Our practitioners know first-hand the biomechanics of these athletes and specifically design treatment protocol for each individual Crossfitter for faster recovery, better performance and preventing further injuries. Crossfit care involves:
  • CrossFit functional movement assessment to find imbalances
  • Soft tissue techniques to address tightness, scar tissue, and overuse injuries– Active Release Techniques® (ART®)
  • Chiropractic adjustments
  • CrossFit specific rehabilitation exercises
  • Self care strategies
Our goal is to take you back to the box and hit your WOD as soon as possible. We also customize recovery/conditioning exercises to maximize your ​performance and prevent re-injury.



Velocity Sports Mississauga’s Medical Acupuncture services are covered by most extended health insurance companies.

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