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Let's Start With a Plan...

Let's Start With a Plan...

velocity sports medicine
velocity sports medicine

Exercise Log

Underlined exercises are available for viewing. The others will be available soon.

Rehabilitation & Foundation Exercises

Core Exercises: Basics:

Core Exercises: Intermediate

Plank on pysio ball
High Plank Hip Touches
High Plank Knee Touches
High Plank Shoulder Touches

Core Exercises: Advanced

Glute Exercises: Basics

Glute Med: Intermediate

Glute Med: Advanced

Bowler Squats
Dead Bug with Lateral Band
Unilateral Glute Bridge on Foam Roll
Ankle Exercises
Knee Exercises

Shoulder Exercises

Push Up Plus
Wall Slides
Alphabet wall Ball
Wide Banded Rows


Strength Training Exercises

​Lower Body Exercises:

Barbell Back Squats
Body Squats
Off Set Kettle Bell Squats
Off Set Dumbbell Squats
Double Rack Squats
Overhead Squats
Kettlebell Squats
Leg Curls on phyio ball
Lunges (stationary)
Lunges (walking)
Split Squats
Side Lunges

Upper Body Exercises

Back Exercises:

Bent Over Row
Cable Row (uni-lateral row)
Dumbbell Row

Olympic Lifts

Power Cleans
Push Press

Kettle Bell Exercises

Clean & Jerk
Dead Lifts
Goblet Squats
Turkish Get Ups