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Let's Start With a Plan...

Let's Start With a Plan...

velocity sports medicine
velocity sports medicine

Posture & Walking Assessment ​​​​​​​​​​

We all get caught up in the daily grind, often missing the small things that makes a big difference. Take posture, for instance. It's not just about standing tall or avoiding that notorious slouch—it's a game-changer. Good posture isn't just some old-school advice your parents harped on; it's a ticket to better health, athletic performance and boosted confidence. Think it's just a minor tweak? Think again

Maintaining good posture can completely change how you look and feel.

Your posture is the window to your spine. It not only affects your physical appearance, but your overall health and well being as well. Therefore, at Velocity, we use our ​​​​​​Digital Posture & Walking Analysis is to objectively demonstrate the measurable changes in your walking and standing neutral posture and screen for movement and postural dysfunction. ​​​​​​​​We will then identify the problematic areas, and suggest changes to correct these postural imbalance and promote pain relief.​

Poor posture can be directly linked to several health problems including, neck, back, shoulder pain, poor circulation and digestion, curvature of the spine and much more.​​​​​

Your Digital Posture & Walking Analysis takes as little as 10min and once complete, we will provide a detailed report on exactly where your physical anomalies or dysfunctions are when standing and walking. ​This report gives us additional information to provide an effective treatment and/or training plan to help reduce the physical stress your body could be under. This could include:

  • Keeping bones and joints in the correct postural alignment (to support the muscles)
  • A decrease the amount of infrequent wearing of joint surfaces (too much of this could result in arthritis)
  • Preventing the spine from becoming locked into an irregular position
  • Preventing strain and overuse of muscles
  • Preventing backache and other muscular pain
  • Improving proprioception/balance and weight transference
  • Improving core stability and muscle balance around the pelvis Finally, o​​​​ur posture assessments are all automatically reported and safely stored, for future use or comparative analysis. We can easily compare results over time to assess progress objectively. Tracking your progess leads to faster, better outcomes for patients over weeks, months, or even years.​​
Who will benefit from a postural assessment?​​​
  • Everyone!
  • Especially those who have recurring pain or are under-performing will particularly benefit from having a postural assessment
How much will it cost?​
  • The assessment and report is only $75 and takes approximately 30min.
Awareness is the first step to understanding and correcting any underlying issues.