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Let's Start With a Plan...

Let's Start With a Plan...

velocity sports medicine
velocity sports medicine

​Running Assessment

The Secret of how to run better, faster and without pain or injury.

Have you ever wondered why you continue to get persistent pains and injuries? Why even after rest, injuries come back or don’t heal? Or despite your best efforts you can’t quite hit that personal best?
The answer is usually faulty biomechanics. With every stride, somewhere in your body a group of muscles and joints are not performing the way they’re suppose to resulting in things like tight calves, achilles tendon pain, runners knee, ITB syndrome or Plantar Fasciitis.
If you have just begun running for fun or you are a competitive marathon runner, a full Biomechanical Running Assessment may benefit your running performance immensely!
At Velocity Sports Medicine we have close ties with many running associations and teams who take part in events like the Mississauga Marathon, Scotia Run and the more gruelling events like Sulphur Springs.
Runners are very unique competitors who will generally do anything to be able to stay injury free and be able to keep running at their peak. The Biomechanical Running Assessment undertaken at Velocity does just that!
The assessment allows us to provide you with the most accurate biomechanical information regarding your running technique, which can then be used to modify your running style to allow for a more efficient pattern of movement. In doing this you are not only able to better prevent injury but you are also able to improve your running efficiency.

What is it?

An assessment of your running technique to identify any aspects of your running that could be improved to enhance your movement patterns and overall running performance.​​​
Using observation and slow motion video footage of you running on our treadmill we look at foot placement, stride length, leg alignment, arm swing, shoulder control and head posture. We may also do specific tests on joints and muscles to assess flexibility and strength.
We will then tailor a program to address any problems identified. This may be physiotherapy treatment and rehabilitation, a program of strengthening or stretching exercises and specific running drills.​

Who is it suitable for?

   ​​​​​Runners of all abilities can benefit especially:
  • Those new to running who want advice as they get started
  • Runners wanting to improve their running style
  • Runners wanting to further their training to achieve distance or time goals
  • Runners wanting to start to compete or improve competition performance
  • Runners going into different disciplines such as sprinting, marathon running or triathlons

Why should I have an assessment?

  • To help prevent injury, especially recurrent problems
  • To improve performance and help you achieve your running goals
  • To optimize running efficiency and allow the body to perform economically
  • To help improve form towards the end of a race
  • To rehabilitate after an injury as injury can affect running techniqueRunners that struggle to get consistency in training due to recurrent injuries
Who will do the assessment?
Our Sports Specialist Chiropractors are experts in sports injury treatment, rehabilitation and biomechanics.
How much will it cost?
The assessment will cost $140 and last 60 – 75 minutes.
Don’t get left behind with poor performance or nagging injuries.

Velocity therapy services are covered by most extended health insurance companies. Just Call Us:

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