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Let's Start With a Plan...

Let's Start With a Plan...

velocity sports medicine
velocity sports medicine

Exercise is Medicine

Unlock Your Body's Full Potential to heal.

Exercise is an effective way to prevent and manage over 25 chronic physical and mental health conditions (OKA 2019). Oftentimes, people especially with chronic health conditions have fears about exercising or simply don’t know where to start.

Velocity’s Exercise is Medicine program can help you find that place to start. Velocity is introducing a 10-week exercise as medicine program for individuals with chronic health conditions who are looking for guidance and support with exercise. Chronic conditions can include hypertension, diabetes, arthritis, osteoporosis, etc. The program will be led by a registered kinesiologist, an exercise professional.

A healthy heart is the main source of your strength.


What does the program look like?
Those interested in the program can self-refer and will need to complete pre-exercise screening. Please note that some individuals may require medical clearance before participating in the program. The kinesiologist will complete an intake and assessment, including your goals for the program, and let you know about the program options. The program is run in three phases: learning or returning to exercise, maintaining a routine, and building independence and confidence.
What is a kinesiologist?
Kinesiology is a registered health profession in Ontario. A kinesiologist, is an exercise professional with knowledge about exercise, adapting exercise to those with chronic illnesses, behaviour change techniques, nutrition and more. The kinesiologist will also work in partnership with the other practitioners at the clinic to ensure participants are receiving comprehensive care.

What are the program options?

Individual: In-Person:

Participants purchase training packages and work one on one with the practitioner. Participants will also be given an exercise program for home.

Group: 12 Week Program

After the intake and assessment, participants join a group exercise class that runs twice a week.   

Virtual: 12 Week Program

After the assessment, participants will be given an exercise program to complete at home with weekly virtual check-ins with the practitioner.
Is this covered by healthcare or insurance?
OHIP does not cover the cost for this service. However, many extended health benefits will cover the cost and you can claim kinesiology expenses on taxes.
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