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velocity sports medicine
velocity sports medicine

Fascial Stretch TherapY

Fascial Stretch Therapy at Velocity Sports Medicine |Unleash Your Full Potential

The transforming impact of fascial stretch therapy affects the fascia, a crucial connective tissue. As we move about, the fascia that surrounds and connects our bones, organs, muscles, joints, ligaments, and tendons keeps everything in place. Fascia must work properly for healthy joints, muscles, circulation, and general well-being. Chronic back pain and discomfort brought on by damaged fascia can also cause fatigue, headaches, joint pain, tight muscles, limited mobility, problems with mental clarity, persistent tension, and decreased flexibility and speed.  

Exactly How Does Fascial Stretch Therapy Work

The techniques used in facial stretch therapy include directed movements, targeted pressure, and assisted stretching. Our  team of specialist work to regain your fascia’s natural suppleness and balance by using pressure points and gentle manipulation. With this painless method, trigger points are removed, joint space is increased, and muscle relaxation and activation are improved.

Here's Why Healthy Fascial is So Essential

  • Damaged Fascia Consequences: If you suffer from chronic aches, fatigue, limited mobility, or any pain-related issues, your fascia might be calling for attention.
  • FST Methodology: Assisted stretching guided by skilled therapists at Velocity, FST targets the fascia, eliminates trigger points, and restores natural elasticity. It’s pain-free and incredibly effective.

What Makes FST Unique?

Unlike conventional stretch or massage therapies, fascial Stretch Therapy is unique because it calls for the client to participate actively during the procedure. They are encouraged to help by contracting and relaxing muscles at specific times during the session.
fascial stretch therapy on a woman in oakville ontario

People from all walks of life benefit from Fascial Stretch Therapy And Here's How:

  • For the Elite Athlete: Fascial stretch therapy helps reduce the chance of injury and supercharges sports performance by optimizing your natural movement.
  • For the Recreational Enthusiast: FST  can help to Improve posture and functional ability while freeing you of limitations lowering your overall quality of life. 
  • For Everyone Else: FST helps keep you moving your very best &  you’ll feel the difference in as little as one session.

Available at both Our Oakville and Burlington Branches

There’s no medication, no supplement, no solo exercise that can optimize your fascia. It requires specialized care, and that’s what Velocity Sports Medicine and Rehab offers.

Our world-class therapists in Oakville and Burlington are ready to guide you through this remarkable treatment.

Ready to Feel the Change? Book Your Fascial Therapy Session Today!

Velocity Sports Medicine and Rehab invites you to a life without pain, a life filled with vitality and freedom. Join us at our Oakville or Burlington locations, and discover the power of Fascial Stretch Therapy. Book your session today and feel the difference it makes.