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Let's Start With a Plan...

Let's Start With a Plan...

velocity sports medicine
velocity sports medicine

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Unlock Your True Potential with Velocity's Fitness Training 

Welcome to Velocity’s Sports Medicine & Fitness Coaching, where we redefine personal development in fitness for athletes and health enthusiasts alike. Specializing in tailored one-on-one and small group training programs, we offer an unparalleled blend of athletic conditioning and individualized coaching.

Why Choose Velocity for Your Fitness Training?

Beyond a conventional gym, our fitness coaching is driven by science-backed, personalized programs designed uniquely for YOU. With a state-of-the-art facility, expert coaching staff, and accessible location, we offer a fitness experience that stands apart.

Our Trainers & P/T Coaches Are Your Competitive Edge.

Velocity’s fitness experts are a league of their own, NOT your average “Personal Trainers”. Our team of experts comprises post-graduate studies certified in Kinesiology, Exercise Physiology, and Sports Conditioning.

We use evidence-based techniques to develop custom fitness, personal training, athletic development, sport conditioning, rehabilitation and pre-habilitation programs to help you get fit, stay fit and perform at your maximum level in and out of the gym.

Offering state-of-the-art training facilities, Expert Staff & Cutting-edge Program design, Velocity Sport medicine delivers an unmatched environment where athletes of all ages can thrive. Whether you’re a beginner looking to kickstart your fitness journey, or a high level athlete looking to take your performance to the next level, our team will design a program specifically tailored to your goals while guiding and motivating you every step of the way.

Fitness Training Options @ Velocity Sport Science...

Tailored Training Programs: For Everyone from Professional Athletes to Active hobbyists

One-on-One Private Coaching Session: Our trainers develop a regimen tailored to your specific goals, offering focused, personal attention.

Semi-Private Training Sessions (Buddy System): Experience fitness coaching with a partner, sharing cost and motivation without sacrificing quality. (2-4 people, as low as $25 per person)

Group Fitness Coaching (4-6 per group) – as low as $20 per session: Engage in various classes for all fitness levels, guided by Velocity’s expert instructors.

HYROX: HYROX is a fitness class that combines functional fitness exercises with running. Participants compete in a series of workout challenges and running segments to test their strength, endurance, and overall fitness level. 

From Sports-Specific Conditioning to Power, Plyometrics, Nutrition Guidance, and Off-Field Conditioning, we offer an extensive array of fitness programs. Whether it’s weight management or endurance building, we’re here to help you achieve peak physical form.n

Some of our training systems include:

  • Sports Specific Training: Step up your game. Improve the specific skills that enhance your performance and give you an edge in your sport.
  • Foundation and Stability Training: Stability is strength. Develop your balance and joint stability, bolster your control, and minimize injury risks.
  • Power Training: Discover your power potential. Build up your explosive strength, enabling you to handle high-intensity movements with finesse and confidence.
  • Plyometrics Training: Get a jump on the competition. Increase your speed and strength for more powerful jumps and sprints.
  • Nutrition: Feed your performance. The right nutrition fuels your training, supports muscle recovery, and maintains your energy levels for peak performance.
  • Off-Field Conditioning: Prepare to excel. Foster endurance, strength, and flexibility off the field for better performance when it counts most.
  • Body Weight Training: Master your own strength. Utilize your body weight to increase muscle tone, improve flexibility, and enhance overall performance.
  • Weight Loss Programs: Lighten up, speed up. Losing excess weight can increase speed, endurance, and agility.
  • Endurance: Go the distance. Enhance your endurance to maintain peak performance longer and outlast your competition.
  • Performance Testing: Knowledge is power. Understand your strengths and areas for improvement to customize your training for maximum effectiveness.
  • Velocity Fit Classes: Embrace the pace. High-intensity training sessions are designed to push your fitness progress and elevate your performance.
  • Agility Training: Become agile, become versatile. Improve your ability to change direction quickly, offering you a distinct advantage in any sport.
  • Acceleration Training: Accelerate your ambition. Increase your speed off the line, giving you a head start right from the whistle.
You’ll enjoy a seamless training environment with amenities like Towel service, Showers and Plenty of Free Parking.

Join an elite group that doesn’t just strive for success but lives it every day through Velocity’s personal training programs.