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Let's Start With a Plan...

Let's Start With a Plan...

velocity sports medicine
velocity sports medicine

Sports Injury Rehabilitation: Enhancing Recovery and Performance

Sports injury rehabilitation is a therapeutic strategy focused on managing injuries. This strategy’s primary goals are to decrease the effects of an injury, improve tissue repair, and stop additional injuries. All Velocity practitioners are skilled in using a variety of methods, including stretching, motor reprogramming, core training, balancing or proprioceptive training, and sport-specific exercises.

We Are Certified Rehabilitation Specialists

Our staff of Certified Rehabilitation Specialists at Velocity has received training in creating and carrying out an efficient plan for your sports injury rehabilitation. The rehabilitation programs are made to have an impact on a specific area of concern depending on your type of injury. You have the option of having it done at Velocity or at home.

Understanding Prehabilitation or Prehab

Following a strategy that includes more physical activity to boost your body’s functional capability is known as prehabilitation or prehab. Prior to an orthopedic operation, a higher level of functional capacity should be maintained in order to recuperate more quickly. A prehab procedure might allow a patient to endure the period of immobility that follows an orthopedic procedure. Exercises and activities that reduce the risk of injury are the main emphasis of a customized prehab exercise program. A progressive plan can be started in the presence of a licensed trainer, and regular adjustments can be made depending on the requirements of the athlete.

A prehabilitation program is created using a variety of techniques, which may include:


  • Strengthening exercises for your physical fitness
  • Stretching
  • Motor reprogramming
  • Core training
  • Balance
  • Proprioceptive training
  • Sport-specific exercises

Prehab Program – Is it for you?

Any athlete, whether they are a professional or just starting out, needs a prehabilitation program that is customized for them. You would require a strong prehab program depending on the maturity of your sport. Every sport causes physical changes in an athlete’s body, which then adjusts to the training’s demands. But throughout this process, repetitive training could wear down the body and lead to damage. Time is lost when the athlete can’t practice or compete because of their injury. Prehab is therefore necessary to decrease the consequences of the injury and hasten the athlete’s recovery.

Improved Prehab Programs by Velocity Updated in Real-Time

At Velocity, we provide specialized prehabilitation programs aimed at protecting your body from the rigors of your athletic training and any injuries in the future. You can develop strength, coordination, and stabilization as well as total body balance with the help of our specialized prehabilitation programs tailored to certain sports. By leveraging Velocity Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation, the prehab specialists at Velocity can provide programs with exercises and sports-specific drills that target the athlete’s deficiencies and condition their body. Our sports medicine professionals continuously evaluate and modify these programs at each stage in order to maximize their effectiveness and deliver the desired results.