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velocity sports medicine
velocity sports medicine

Sports Specific Training

Sports Performance Division | Youth Athletic Development

The Velocity Performance Division is a progression based system designed to give young athletes a solid foundation of athletic development at their most critical point of physical and mental growth; ages 14-22. Strength and Conditioning are a non-negotiable element in the schedule of a competitive athlete in any sport at this age. Velocity Sport  Performance Division will challenge and motivate athletes to develop their Pillar strength, speed, multi-directional agility, quickness, core rotary power, dynamic balance, acceleration/deceleration, anaerobic and aerobic energy systems, and recovery to maximize in-game performance and reduce the risk of injury both on and off the field. In-season and off-season, VELOCITY Performance programs are based on the foundational athletic needs found in all sport, Creating the best possible athlete is the goal of our programs…


Athletic Performance Training

The Team Approach

  • VALD Athletic Assessment with an Exercise Physiologist/ Kinesiologist
  • Training with a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
  • Recovery sessions with a Registered Massage or Fascial Stretch Therapist (if needed)
  • Rapid access for Physio & Medical Services.

Elite Athlete Development | Our Performance System:

Initial Consultation With Jeff Ransome

Our facilities and program director, Jeff Ransome, conducts a free introductory consultation session first. The athletic background, individual objectives, and expectations are addressed throughout this session, along with a thorough evaluation. Young athletes receive training sessions using a team-based approach.

Dual Assessment Process:

  • Each person is maintained in one of two streams depending on the assessment:
  • Beginner/novice athletes (sessions and home programs): Foundation training
  • Developmental (Sport-Related)- Progression in Athletic Development – sports-specific instruction
  • For athletes, therapy support is always included.

Our Testing Protocols:

The following exercises are done to gauge an athlete’s progress:

  • VALD Performance Assessment and Movement Screen (BSc. Kin.)
  • Fitness Evaluation (BSc. Kin) 
  • Evaluation of program stream results and booking of the first training session.


  • The athlete is then assigned a program or phase based on the findings of the tests.


  • The Foundation Program is made to correct muscular imbalances and movement pattern inadequacies. It also introduces athletes to stability exercises that are specifically made to address these issues.

Strength Training:

  • In this stage, the athlete will be introduced to the strength training phase and the main lifting techniques that will be used in later programs.


  • With the use of important lifting methods like cleans and plyo, this program aims to increase intensity while developing power.


  • The athlete will focus on improving their abdominal strength, endurance, and rotational power at this stage.

Energy System

  • The energy system programs are based on lactic acid tolerance training, aerobic power, and high-intensity energy system training to develop the anaerobic system. The testing procedures are utilized to track the athlete’s development. Movement analyses are carried out throughout the procedure, and orthopedic issues are identified by medical personnel. Movement-based (subjective- movement mastery) and volume-based (objective- intensity-based) are both used to define progression. Sport-specific and general movement pattern protocols are used in the programming. High training intensities are used, and technique, effort, and resolve are strictly emphasized.

Weight Athletes 14 years of age and older are only permitted to train in any capacity.

Training Facility at Velocity Burlington

Our facility is made to give young learners a functional sports performance environment, which will aid young athletes to physically and psychologically improve. 

Equipment utilized:

  • Free weights
  • Functional Lifting Rig & platforms
  • Bench presses
  • Bumper Plates
  • High/Low Pulley System
  • Treadmills
  • Rowers
  • Ski ergs
  • Spinning Bikes
  • Assault Bikes​
  • Stability balls
  • Med Balls
  • Tubing/Bands
  • Balance Apparatus
  • Heavy Battle Ropes
  • Hurdles
  • Turf and more.
Sport Performance Packages:
(All courses are based on scheduled group training sessions.

14 years and older
– 5 or less sessions – $160 per session.

– 15 sessions at a cost of $140 per session.

– 25 sessions at a cost of $120 each session.

Initial assessments are included in the price, which is redeemable after one year. Prior to the assessment, the entire package must be paid for in full. HST is applicable to all costs.

All the crucial physiological elements required to excel in your sport and provide you a tactical advantage are included in the progressive cutting edge training offered by Velocity.